Can’t Hold Us

Can't Hold Us

Can't Hold Us

We have no idea what creative one-liner you sent as your high-school yearbook inscription– inspiring Weezy bars? shouts-out to mom and dad? Whatever made it to the page, it’s difficult to imagine anything as marvelously ambitious– and prophetic– as what Ray Dalton wrote. The 22-year-old behind Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Cannot Hold United states” hook had smash hits and MTV stages in his sights as a Fleetwood Mac-loving Seattle teenager.

And now, with telecasted appearances varying from “SNL” to this month’s MTV Film Awards in guides, Dalton is vying for a brand-new title at his five-year reunion: Grad Most Likely to Be Signing Autographs by the Appetiser Table.

We were low-key fixating on the baby-faced baritone with the manly pipes, so just a few days before “Can’t Hold Us” was certified platinum, MTV News dialed him up for deets on linking up with the superstar duo, that epic video and a few of the song’s widely misheard lyrics.

“Ryan heard me sing with another artist, and he Facebooked me, and was like, ‘Hey, you should come to my studio,’ ” Dalton recalled of meeting the talented producer three years ago.

You can read the rest of the article here.

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